Introduction:identifying trainable students is very important issue that needs to be focussed on.Even government organizations such as SEAP,ISBA,STP,CII,NASSCOM and many others are trying their best to adress this issue. In-spite of all the efforts, companies end up spending 40% extra training time, on the fresh engineering graduates, more so for the rural engineering graduates.
The objective:
The AG-STS program that is "APROPOS SCHOLARSHIP AND TALENT SEARCH PROGRAM" is designed to identify trainable students, Induce entrepreneurship and Award scholarships to the final qualifiers, filtered through all the stages of the AG-STS program.

There are 3 stages in this program,CBT,G.D,P.I.The students, who clear the CBT tests, will be considered as "trainable students". They will be offered optional Skill Enhancement Programs (SEP). In these SEPs , companies have agreed to broadcast their live in-house trainings, to the SEP enrolled students, periodically, alongside the basic training, so that they realize, what is actually needed by the industry. Alongside these SEPs all students entering into PI round are awarded with a android based tablet. And all students qualifying in PI will get scholarship of Rs. 50000/- each.