Direct access to wide database 
  • To department specific candidates
  • To candidate matching your criteria
  • Department specific selection from multiple colleges across network registered under Apropos Gumption initiative at the same time.
  • Automatic and manual filtration of student database
  • Custom search options for filtering candidate profiles

Online testing

  • View aptitude and psychometric analysis of candidates.
  • Import and conduct online tests designed by you.
  • Direct import of excel sheet questions to push a test to selected
    candidates 'or' a group of candidates.
  • Option to do remote surveillance of tests and group discussion
  • Interactive group discussion where you remotely can interact with group.

Conduct live interviews from your desk

  • Conduct live interviews with selected candidates right from your desk
  • Audio-visual interview right from your desk
  • Conduct live / recorded group discussions and review them

Simplify your selection

  • Create Job profiles and selection criteria
  • Maximize your reach across state-wide talent.
  • Post questions related to your requirements and get answers from 
    students, which will help in identifying applicable knowledgeable candidates
Get most potential candidates

Ensures interaction between the students and the corporate, thereby reducing the GAP between requirements and delivery
Review working model of projects and synopsis created by candidates

  • Judge candidates based on their actual working potential and qualities along with academics and other specialties.
  • Grooming of candidates through HRD lectures are done on Apropos Gumption initiative, which help them understanding recruitment process and make them more confident
  • Review test results, psychometric inclination and aptitude results
  • Review results of tests conducted by you.
  • Faster analysis and decision making.

Cost effective

  • Save upon time and cost of hiring process on each candidate
  • Single recruitment window for entire process right from short-listing to hiring.

Technology advantages

  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility
  • Multi-location
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Comfort for candidate and recruiter both
  • Secure