Eligibility to apply:

  • He or she should be from BE -any department, having inclination towards creating their career’s in IT, or a student of MCA.
  • Further, they should be students entering into the third and the final year for BE and second and third year in MCA, by August 2012.
  • All students must be from UGC recognized university affiliated colleges of Engineering and MCA.
  • Students cannot apply directly; they have to apply through the colleges only. As it automatically proves that he/she is a bonafide student of that college and all eligibility criteria’s have been met.
  • As we are in search of talent, DC and ATKT do not matter as long as the student has met the above criteria. FEES to apply: Application fee per students is INR 275 for Non member institutional students of Apropos Gumption and INR 250 for students of Apropos Gumption member institutions.

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