Employment & Employability
Apropos Gumption offers virtual hiring platform to Corporate and SME for conducting recruitment drive across member and vicinity colleges registered under our initiative. This includes both options Single window direct hiring and Skill Enhancement Program leading to hiring. Our focus is to provide equal opportunity to the talented students located in rural and urban both irrespective of geographical location. Companies gets suitable candidates for them out of a single database of thousands of students in each specialization of Engineering and Management and every student have equal chance to prove their abilities for employment.

Guest lectures and motivation speeches with interaction
Our initiative will deliver the highly placed professionals settled else where in the world to contribute to the cause by imparting their experience and knowledge, to our new generations. Ensuring that an hour contributed by these dignitaries should be shared by thousands of candidates across India, that too interactively. We will provide knowledge from the best, also ensuring that that the best are not put at any inconvenience. To implement a system to enable students from all fraternities of the worldwide locations to expand their knowledge base without compromising on quality by mobilizing the best of resources in their field at their doorstep. To empower the Educational Institutes with a system, that caters to all their goals without compromising on any front to create a most worthy combination of quality information and knowledge. To increase opportunities for expansion of business and services by offering and implementing the model to enrich Educational institutes with latest technology.

Skill Enhancement Programs (SEP)
We intend to deliver Skill Enhancement Programs for the benefit of the students. Students opting for SEP will get practical knowledge, which will make them familiar with real industry. Students will also get in-house company training which will help them get familiar with the real industry. The evaluation of students will be done by companies during this program. The students scoring top grades will get interview calls from the companies.. We would also encourage the students to give psychometric and aptitude tests periodically to ensure regular upgrade.

Encompassing Abroad education
There are more than 33000 colleges and universities across the globe having English as their teaching language and Indian students are found to be there learning and exploring their horizons. Almost all the colleges have student associations made to help and give help to transitional students who have received admissions and a visa. On the other hand there’s a huge mass of Indian students applying to different countries for further education. Approximately 80% of the students apply to not lesser than 10 universities spending a huge amount other than the counseling and couching charges from private institutions.In this initiative we would ask Indians from various departments of various colleges and universities abroad to deliver information about the exact score requirements, financial availability and other relative information about their own departments hence delivering information through this initiative with exactness. These students across the globe will speak in the network and interact with the students of your institution and help them not only reduce the application cost but also interact on the level of helping them hone their resumes to suit the research work in the universities abroad and thereby increasing their chances for financial aid.

Profile Making and enhancement
Across the globe just a resume is not enough to gauge the person for either employment or for scholarship or any other allocation of work, resource or funds. We have an online profiling option where we would encourage the students to have a profile and resume which will be seen by the prospective employers, or universities or grant and scholarship commissions like AAA and USEFI etc.

Inter college interaction
Inter college interaction on later stages on specific and approved topics will be encouraged to students of all these colleges to share their views in turn encourage healthy competition.