STRUCTURE of AG-STS:: (Three Stages - CBT, GD and PI)
  • Tests will be conducted only for students from 2 regions, and students will compete only with students of the same region. The regions are Maharashtra as region1 and MP and Chhattisgarh as Region 2.
  • A CBT test having 2 sections: Aptitude test along with a elective section where students select any one programming languages (C/C++, JAVA, PHP, .NET), again an objective type of test, followed by a GROUP DISCUSSION level and 2 PERSONAL INTERVIEW LEVELS. All students qualifying from the first level, the CBT test, are benefitted in some way or the other. 
  • GROUP DISCUSSIONS: Applicants qualifying for GD who will be eligible for optional skill enhancement programs. These programs on one hand will be provided by eminent experts like, mentors mentoring in the Google summer apprenticeship programs in web development languages with trainings aimed towards certifications like Zend in Php, and MCSD in .NET, and core languages certifications like SCJP in java etc. On the other hand we also invite companies to conduct skill development programs for these students.
  • PERSONAL INTERVIEW: All students of GD, who qualify for the PI round, will be awarded with android-based tablets for their use and to induce them to create new unique applications. Professional testing companies would test these applications before they come online for free distribution across the globe. If the application becomes famous, the students can put a cost on the application and also create revenue for themselves. This creates a platform to ensure entrepreneurship through mentoring and professional help.