Terms Of Use
  1. Yearly registration to Apropos Gumption Initiative - Rs 74,500/= will be charged as yearly registration for content delivery. The cost of virtual hiring by upto 30 companies is inclusive in this registration fees. In addition to this five guest lectures would also be provided free of cost.All other sessions and activities could either be free or paid, as the case might be.This registration fees is to be paid to WTPL, the parent company holding this initiative.Apropos Gumption initiative's board might also offer some relaxation in this registration fees from second year based on active participation (Registration Form enclosed).
    Here Active participation means: - a present and registered audience during the session according to the MOQ (Minimum Operative quotient) mentioned in at least 75% of the schedules seen in the online control panel. 
  2. Ownership of system implemented: The ownership of the system will be with WTPL, this system is setup on lease basis with zero charges for lease.
  3. System operating: only coordinators appointed by WTPL will operate the system.
  4. Sharing of this platform: As only selected colleges are provided with this grant and the basic focus of this initiative being to end disparity in education in rural and urban education, the college given the grant must invite other colleges in the district, where grant installations are not provided, for the events held under Apropos Gumption, and share the information and knowledge.
  5. System use:
    • WTPL USE: - WTPL will deliver various facets of education � viz-a-viz training, recruitment drives, guest lectures, and seminars on various subjects, in the interest of the students. These sessions will be intimated in advance to the institutions and a meager student registration fee will be charged for a session, on a revenue sharing basis with the institute where 10 % would be institute�s share.
    • INSTITUTION USE: - If your institution would like to use the setup, there would be per hour charge, billable to the institution. Per hour price would be not be more than Rs 750/=. Our back office will help you to use the system without any extra cost. Rs. 750/= per hour charges are charged in case that the college uses our system for their personal use.
  6. WTPL Responsibility:
    • WTPL will operate and maintain the system. It will also strive to deliver maximum amount of informative sessions for the students of your institution including training, interviews, seminars, guest lectures, counseling sessions etc.
    • WTPL maintain complete data online of the final year students for informing them about any employment, further education, and volunteer ship opportunities. WTPL will also navigate the students towards profile updating and maintenance.
    • WTPL will provide training and explain the coordinators appointed by the institution about how to use the WatchWitz WeMeet system and also about the online control panel of the institution.
    • WTPL will make an effort to provide all schedules and their respective notifications at least 15 days in advance.
  7. Institution responsibility:
    • The institution would be responsible for the safety and care of the system. The Institution would appoint 2 coordinators for this purpose of operating the system and the other related works for this activity.
    • The institution will be responsible for inform and encourage the students to attend as many sessions as they wish to.
    • The institution will be responsible to enter the interested students per session into the online information system, to generate a receipt as a �hall ticket� for entering the hall for the sessions.
    • The institution will be responsible for ensuring that only the registered students enter the hall during session.
    • All sessions delivered by WTPL are sole ownership of WTPL and protected and any use, reuse, broadcast for recording of such sessions are strictly prohibited. Therefore, the institute should take special note of the same.
  8. Institutional basic requirements availability:
    • A LCD Projector and wired Internet Connectivity of 512 Kbps Up and Down without Proxy.
  9. Discrepancy:
    • In case of any discrepancy by the institution or officials of the institution, to deliver on their responsibilities, WTPL will have the right to remove system owned by WTPL from the institution. We will intimate you 15 days in advance before we remove the system in such a case.