Virtual Hiring
  • Virtual Hiring can be described as �a system that allows recruiter to access educational information of student with a single body to fulfill all recruitment related requirements.� 
  • The single window environment aims to expedite & simplify interview scenario & bring meaningful gains to students as well as recruiters.
  • With complete information of educational profile, recruiter can virtually conduct an interview of student from any location virtually.
  • The function of Apropos Gumption as a activity of our mother company (WTPL) is to facilitate and hence we DO NOT CHARGE the general 8.33% for the candidates hired.
  • ZERO coordination costs or Audio Visual communication costs
  • A company could be registered only for a season at a time and have complete access with no extra cost than the registration fees.
  • There is no limit to the scheduling that a company could do in the season, they can hire from all colleges or any one.
  • A company can determine their demands from the student who is hired and keep the policies as the company want for every recruit.
  • All the communication is monitored and passed through the initiative back office to ensure proper execution of the work and process selected.