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WatchWitz Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company from central India spear headed by Mr. Kunal Karnik has been virtual collaborative environments from the last 11 Years, Long before it became a private limited firm. The zeal was to create better and more refined ways of delivering content at multiple locations with ease. Backed by the science and technology park as shareholders, we started a social responsibility initiative named Apropos Gumption using our flagship product WatchWitz WEMEET (A virtual replica’ of a standard classroom) as a delivery vehicle to impart and share knowledge equally without any bias.

We set out as a small outfit if a few Virtual Classrooms concurrently connected and have now covered the entire state of Maharashtra and our passive viewers have reached 50 in the last five months country wide. our intention is to have 700 such Virtual classrooms connected in the next three years and provide equality in exposure to students country wide. 

Formed in 1999, and headed by our CEO Mr. Kunal Karnik, who has a vast experience in education, Industrial development in technology, Networks and their architecture as well as design and architecture of software, Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd has come a long way in bringing innovative interfaces and products in desktop communications. From Virtual Campus to Virtual Classroom from Virtual Counseling Center to Virtual Training Center and from IP based communication to IP independent communication, Our Company had looped in all the required skill sets for an encouraging next line of products.  

Technologies for business professionals have come and gone over the years. Streaming media, video conferencing, project management software, and many other innovations have offered the ideal of greater efficiency and lower costs. Some have had success but many have fallen short of their promises due to high initial costs, difficulty of use, narrow range of functions, and inability to effectively address real business issues. We address all these lacunas effectively.  

Time is an increasingly scarce asset. The economy and competitive nature of business have forced us to seek new ways to improve revenue and client satisfaction by expanding business, managing heavier work loads and providing current clients with more personal attention -- all at a lower cost. This has resulted in intense pressure to make every hour count by streamlining current business processes that are tedious, repetitious, or inefficient.   

We Aim to deliver the most economical and user friendly applications enabling training, teaching, support and general communication tools. Our products are based on the focus that the products should give optimum and required results on any network, however unpredictable like a shared broadband network to a lease line network. The products should be not only firewall friendly but having NAT transversal enabled on any and all products.   

There is a better way — Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd.  Finally, a technology that can actually deliver on the promise of enabling business professionals to get more done in less time -- at a fraction of the cost. Much like e-mail, instant messaging, and faxing, Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd facilitates the remote communication of two or more people in real time. Yet it is also dramatically different than these technologies for two reasons. First, Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd is interactive--you can see and talk to someone as if you were in the video call and work jointly together on documents, exchange information, and more. Second, Watchwitz Technologies Pvt Ltd can ensure complete confidentiality of conversations and data at all times. WatchWitz participants can use a variety of tools and features such as live video and telephone-quality audio; an ability to introduce documents, diagrams and exhibits, and a robust application sharing/remote desktop functionality


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