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Watchwitz WEMEET
Watchwitz Web Casting Solution


Standard Features
    Live Video Feeds
    Works on PC's & Macs
    Unlimited Integrated VOIP Audio
    PowerPoint Presentation Sharing
    Simple Account Management & Setup
    Resizable Interface
    Minimal System Requirements
    Industry Leading Easy-to-Use Interface
    Video Streaming
    Automated Meeting Invitations
    Personalized URL
    Built-in Attendee Overage Feature
    Excel Document Sharing
    PDF Document Sharing
    Word Document Sharing
    On-Demand Recording


Pay-Per-Use options:

      Available options:
       1-way live Webcasting
       :: Price User/Minute: $0.06



    Pay by the user/minute.
    No Monthly Charges and No Commitments.
    Billed to your credit card at the time of the online meeting.
    Does not include plug-ins.

Did you know?
Watchwitz Webcasting Solution

    Is very easy to use 
    Is very reliable and secure 
    Works with a standard broadband connection
    Is becoming the standard in communication 
    Uses equipment you already own 
    Competitive price plans 
    Private co-branding 
    Outstanding customer and technical support 
    Extremely user-friendly and easy to access application for your customers 
    Completely hosted application with zero setup and configuration.

    With our Webcasting solution there's no hardware or software to purchase. A webcam, a microphone, and an Internetready
    computer is all you need for instant access to all the powerful webcasting features.


Tech Support:
Please send your tech support email to and state your problem as specifically as possible. Include as much information as possible about your computer, such as:

    What CPU is in your computer? 
    What operating system does it have (type and version)? 
    What is the speed of your Internet connection?
    A member of our support team will contact you shortly.